Day Hab Without Walls

Day Hab Without Walls is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. Without Walls means that we are not confined by walls and therefore spend much time out in the community integrating ourselves with the people, places and events.  We have a home base facility, but unlike site based Day Hab, we have a great deal of freedom to go out and explore our community and engage in meaningful activities. 

We run two big group days on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Our Tuesday group is called the Art Class and our Friday group is called the Movie Club.  We have recently started a small group on Wednesday’s and we have some Core Members who are out in community on their specific Day Hab days throughout the week.  We are a small program with potential to grow.   

During our community explorations, Our Day Hab Without Walls program has visited: 

  • Parks such as Green Lakes Park, Jamesville Beach, Onondaga Lake Park, Burnett Park, and Thordan Park. 
  • Zoos such as Rosamond Gifford, Little Rays Nature Center, and The Wild. 
  • Museums such as the Erie Canal Museum, Everson Art Museum, the Museum of Science and Technology (MOST), and the Harriet Tubman House in Auburn. 
  • Carpenters Brook to go fishing 
  • Navarino’s Orchard and O’Neill’s Orchard to pick apples and eat apple fritters.  
  • And so much more.  The Day Hab coordinator and assistants try to find fun and exciting events to go to throughout the year!!!! 

To be of Service to others we have done the following in the past: 

  • Meals on Wheels – helped to deliver food 
  • Samaritan Center – helped to make sandwiches 
  • Highway clean up 
  • We have had some agency’s come and talk about recycling and how we can better be a green community and do our part. 

Not only are we out in the community but we also create art together. We make group murals, painting projects, card making, beading, candles, etc.  As part of Movie Club, we have fun watching, critiquing, and rating movies together. 

For more information and or inquiries regarding our Day Hab Without Walls program, please contact our Day Hab Coordinator: