Our History

beginnings and growth

Our L'Arche Story

The first L’Arche community was founded in 1964 in France in response to the inhumane conditions of the large institutions where people with intellectual disabilities had been placed. L’Arche came to the USA in 1972 and to Syracuse in 1973!


Beginnings of L'Arche

Raphael Simi, Philippe Seux, and Jean Vanier created the first L’Arche Community in Trosley, France.


1st L'Arche Community in the USA opens

The first L’Arche community in the United States opens in Erie, PA.


Planning Stages

Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger generates interest in the development of a L’Arche Community in Syracuse.


First L'Arche Syracuse house opened!

L’Arche begins in Syracuse when Doug and Perry Mouncey open our first residence on Court St.


L'Arche Syracuse expands!

In 1978 a home at 1701 James St. was established.  Soon after, the home on Court St. was closed and a home at 1226 Butternut St. was created.


Third L'Arche Syracuse house opened!

Third residence is opened on Teal Ave.


Fourth L'Arche Syracuse house opened!

An accessible fourth residence is opened on Highland Ave.


Relocating to new home

Core members and assistants in our James Street home move into the brand new, accessible Galster home near Shop City.


Relocating to new home

The people in our Butternut Street home move into the fully renovated, accessible Cleveland home on Onondaga Hill.


Relocating to new home

The people in our Teall Avenue home move into the fully renovated Croyden home near the Syracuse University area. All of our homes are now accessible!


Celebrating 50 years!

The Syracuse community celebrates its 50th anniversary!