Ways to Volunteer

We are grateful for the many volunteers who support our ongoing efforts to provide our core people with loving homes, quality care, and opportunities for engagement in the community. Volunteers come from down the street, around the city, across the country and the world.

Ways to Volunteer:

1) Help with prayer and music on Tuesdays at 3:45 or simply join with us to pray.

2) Attend our monthly potluck dinner and prayer – 1st Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at The Reformed Church, 1228 Teall Ave. Syracuse.

3) Help recruit Assistants- Do you know someone who would want to share time in our homes?

4) Put a recruitment brochure up in your church or in your place of employment.

Come Experience L'Arche

5) Become a friend of an assistant and meet with him or her to visit, eat, participate in activity, etc.

6) Become a friend of a Core Member – invite a core person and an assistant to an outing or a meal or accompany one of our people to the Gym. Spend time 1:1 with a core person (must go through state mandated training and background check)

7) Make a meal and bring it to a home. Stay for dinner if you like.

8) Join a fundraising committee.

9) Assist with Spring or Fall yard clean-up.

10) Share your particular gift/expertise (PR, Recruitment, fundraising, cooking, filing, maintenance, answering phones, other).

11) Serve on the Board of Directors.

12) Sell our candles and other goods for Solidarity with our poorer L’Arche Communities.

13) Sign up to receive our newsletter and mailings.

14) Invite us to speak to your church, club, social function, etc.

Please email our Volunteer Coordinator at Volunteer@larchesyracuse.org to learn more and to apply.